How you can help to empower education and support success

Education is the doorway to realising potential and economic empowerment.  It can break the cycle of poverty but it is not always an equal access pathway.   We often get feedback from our awardees that receiving one of The KEECT awards was the make or break decision for them to be able to attend university or continue with their studies.  It also affirms that they are deserving of success and someone believes in them and their abilities.  Many of our awardees are first in family to attend university, and the sense of accomplishment this brings extends through to their whānau and community.

Invest in someone's future

Sponsor an Award

Joining The KEECT as a Sponsor Partner is a unique opportunity to connect with a particular area of education that is significant or meaningful to you and your business.  You decide the criteria and what genre of education you want to support.  Your financial support can be the difference in someone’s grades as their financial stress is lessened; it can be the difference in someone’s self esteem as they know you have chosen to believe in them and their future goals; it can be the difference between someone attending university or not at all.

There are many ways to fund and support an awardee from upfront funding to paying out over the course of their studies.  Your funding proposal could include the opportunity for an internship, or to include your business as a case study as part of their studies.  It could even include the opportunity of employment at the end.

The KEECT is a registered charity, so all contributions are tax deductible.

To learn more about how you and your business can support educational pathways that will provide economic empowerment and ensure a lasting impact on generations to come, please contact General Manager, Nina Tomaszyk

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Leave a Gift in your Will

An academic award is a unique and special way to honour the memory of a life well lived.  The Kate Edger Trust offers a platform to facilitate and administer a lasting legacy to support education in an area of education that is meaningful to yourself, or to honour a family member.  Thinking about it now gives us the chance to thank you and to create something together that acknowledges this special last act of kindness.

An example of a bequest that we administer is The Ngaire Miller Midwifery/Nursing Rural Placement Award.  This award was set up to honour Ngaire Miller’s career as a nurse, midwife and educator by supporting student nurses and midwives to cover the costs of their placements in a rural or provincial area.

Family members are invited to attend our annual Awards Ceremony to meet their awardee and present their award certificate.

For more information on bequests and choosing to fund and support education through The KEECT, please contact General Manager, Nina Tomaszyk


“Behind every awardee is a story with a goal for success and a dream to make a difference”

Our past awardees are our future.  As part of The KEECT Alumni, your stories inspire those who are following the same pathway and have found themselves seeking financial support.  Your stories also inspire those who are offering to give financial support as they can see first hand the impact The KEECT awards can have on a person’s education journey, both financially and emotionally.  Our awards offer hope, encouragement, self-belief and purpose.  They support hard work and perseverance.

As Alumni, there is also the opportunity to come full circle and ‘pay it forward’ by joining The KEECT as a sponsor or contributor to play a role in someone else’s success journey.  We know that you will agree that attending university is a life-changing success pathway providing opportunities to make a difference, alongside empowering whānau and communities.

The KEECT is a registered charity, so all contributions are tax deductible.

For more information please contact General Manager, Nina Tomaszyk