Request for Expressions of Interest

We are seeking a new Trustee to join the Kate Edger Educational Charitable Trust on the next exciting phase of our journey.

In addition to normal good governance, a particular focus for the Board and General Manager over the next 12 – 24 months will be on branding, telling our story, digital presence, and overall marketing as well as strengthening governance and exploring growth and diversification of income sources.

Who we are/what we do

The main purpose of the Kate Edger Educational Charitable Trust (KEECT) is to provide funds for the promotion, advancement and encouragement amongst women of education, whether it be in the spheres of research and professional activities or artistic and creative activities. The KEECT aims to encourage education, to promote the ‘Power of Education.’ We help women achieve their educational goals, through the provision of awards, financial and other assistance.

Funding primarily comes from the Trust’s social enterprise, Academic Dress Hire (ADH), which hires and sells graduation regalia and legal attire to graduands and staff at universities, tertiary institutes and schools from South Auckland to Northland and to all of the legal profession throughout NZ and the Pacific Islands.

The KEECT funds approximately 100 awards for study each year, funding over 1,200 awards since its inception just over 16 years ago. Many of the awards are selected using a holistic approach, including financial need, whether the applicant is first in the family to study, or any challenges they may have.

The awards vary from hardship grants; course-specific awards, including midwifery awards for Maori and Pasifika students, music, engineering, performing arts, and fashion. For more information on our awards programme, click here.

Empowering through education

To be a key provider of the means by which to celebrate education (ADH) and achieve in education (the KEECT)

Future Growth
We are passionate and driven about giving the customer the best experience for our ADH customers
We are passionate about the ‘Power of Education’ for all

Compassion, honesty, commitment, service, passion

Functions of the Board of Trustees

The functions of the Board of Trustees are to provide effective governance of the KEECT by:

  • Setting the strategic direction and priorities for the KEECT.
  • Advocating the vision, purpose, values, and strategies of the KEECT through open lines of communication with staff customers of ADH and awardees of the KEECT together with external stakeholders.
  • Ensuring all compliance obligations and functions are effectively discharged.
  • Ensuring all significant systems and procedures are in place for the KEECT to run effectively and efficiently and to meet all legal and contractual requirements.
  • Ensuring all significant risks are adequately considered and accounted for by the General Manager.
  • Ensuring that the KEECT has appropriate not-for-profit governance structures in place, including a high standard of ethical behaviour that promotes an inclusive culture of social responsibility.
  • Monitoring the performance of the General Manager against agreed performance indicators.
  • Reviewing and approving the annual Business Plans and Annual Budget proposed by the General Manager.
  • Financial Management oversight.
  • Monitoring the achievement of the Strategic and Business Plans and Annual Budget outcomes.
  • Assisting when possible in fundraising activities and introductions to potential donors.

In addition to contributing general governance, all Trustees are expected to:

  • Have a commitment to the purpose and goals of the KEECT.
  • Act always in the best interests of the KEECT and share accountability for decisions.
  • Be well informed on key issues and able to exercise their reasonable judgement in making decisions.
  • Respect different perspectives and engage constructively and openly in discussions.
  • Be active in seeking the views of others.
  • Make a commitment of time for meetings and key events and provide support to the KEECT in developing key relationships.
  • Ensuring the deliberations of the board are informed by stakeholder perspectives.

Board Makeup

The Trust identifies the following areas of expertise/lived experience as being important to have amongst the Trustees on the Board

  • Not for profit management and/or governance expertise
  • Diversity and inclusivity / Maori and Pasifika Culture
  • People and culture/Human Resources
  • Financial Management expertise
  • Legal expertise
  • Marketing and communications
  • Sponsorship, fundraising or relationship expertise
  • Awards, scholarship, academic expertise
  • Any other experience that may benefit the board

In particular, the Board is seeking to strengthen the following:

  • Marketing, branding and communications
  • Sponsorship, fundraising or relationship expertise
  • Diversity and inclusivity / Māori and Pasifika Culture

While each Trustee will have particular strengths in one or more areas, all Trustees are expected to contribute widely to the effective governance and interests of the KEECT

The KEECT Board meets once a quarter in Auckland, with interim topic specific meetings on a bi-monthly basis. It is a voluntary (unpaid) position. Our Trustees are asked to commit to at least one term of 3 years. It is estimated that the position of Trustee will take up to 8 hours per month.

Application Process

Please submit your expression of interest by sending a cover letter and your CV addressed to Hilary Lewis (Trustee) c/- Nina Tomaszyk

In your cover letter tell us the relevant skills and experience you would bring to the KEECT. 

Please direct all enquiries and/or expressions of interest to Nina Tomaszyk