Porcelain Skin 

I could admire you forever
Running my hands down your skin
Through your hair
Tracing your tattoos
Everything about you is a work of art.
We’ve found a new way
A kind of New York movie romance
Its as if you’re undressing me with your eyes
And pulling me in through your smile
For it’s not all tangled and messy
Nor a delusion of happiness
I see pure love and joy within your glances
It’s as if everything you feel is what I feel
Like we’re interlinked
We talk for hours and hours
Our souls mixing and binding together
You saved me
Pulled me back to life
I could never bear to hurt you.
As porcelain hits the ground it chips into a million pieces;
And once broken
it’s almost impossible to fix.
I could never break your porcelain skin
Nor would i ever want to
I found a light in you
And i hope for the life of me it never fades
only remaining besmirched on me like a coffee stain
at the bottom of a porcelain tea cup.

Isha Davies
Michael Park School