Winning Entries – Judges Comments

1st – Gurmehar Bajwa
Ormiston Senior College
Poem; Mudita

This was a standout entry to our judges.  They loved the subject matter, and were impressed by the clever use of imagery and rhyming.  While being emotionally driven, it was formally well-structured and displayed a high level of empathy and maturity.

2nd – Hannah Thompson
Botany Downs Secondary College
Artwork; Childhood Imagination

The judges thought this was a clever idea, and the interplay of inside and outside space was well executed.  They were impressed by the artistic skill and application of the paint, as well as the resulting sense of childhood imagination and joy.

3rd – Esther Oh
Diocesan School for Girls
Prose; ‘The Violin’

The judges loved this entry. They felt it was thought-provoking, beautifully written and constructed, with great use of descriptive language and a clever ending that tied in perfectly with the theme.

4th Highly Commended – Dina Aziz
Carmel College
Artwork; Three as One’

The judges thought this entry was a lovely idea, well-considered with strong composition, good skill and use of colour. They felt it related well to the theme portraying the love and security of family as a thing of joy.

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