Congratulations to our Winning Entries

1st – Mahek Dave
Selwyn College
Photography  Self Reflection

“I think my photo portrays my perspective of looking within yourself and staying connected to your soul, mind and heart when you are trying to find your identity, and how the only way to find your passion is to find yourself first.”

2nd – Ivy Lyden-Hancy
Papakura High School
Poetry  ‘Te Maori disciples of the Rapture

“This poem is about my overwhelming love for being a Maori wahine in modern day New Zealand. It conveys how colonialism affected our country, under the influence of Christianity. I utilised the 3 concepts of te kore,te po and te ao marama to bring these concepts to life.  Being Maori is my passion and it drives me every day to do better and succeed.”

3rd – Gloria Li
Avondale College
Art  ‘Follow your passion

“My path was simple: Follow your passion. Pour in your heart and soul. Settle for nothing less than excellence. And with enough hard work and faith in yourself, you can realise your dream.” – Robert Mondavi

Highly Commended – Sophie Clark
Pukekohe High School
Photography  ‘Piano is my Passion

“The piano is a big passion of mine and to see future generations enjoying my favourite instrument brings me joy. My nieces and nephews inspire me every day as they learn new skills. And my mum is the most genuine person out there, she encourages everyone in their passions and interests.”

Highly Commended – Isabelle Lloydd
St Mary’s College
Poetry The Scribbler

“The poem “Scribbler” examines my relationship to writing and to language itself. It seeks to articulate the emotional bond between writer and fruit, and the fixating pull of this expressive form. The poem’s name suggests the idea that my writing is always unfinished, imperfect, for constantly I learn and change”.

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