Important Matters

It is a matter of voice, that had to be claimed,

A matter of culture that had to be changed,

A matter of history that created a fight,

A generation that turned wrong into right.


It is a matter of family and a matter of pride,

For my great-grandmothers on every side,

That left a legacy for my sisters and I to see,

Creating a better world for you and me.


It is a matter of strength; they gave us a voice,

Taking up arms on the issue of choice,

To prove we have the right to be heard,

Battles fought with knowledge and word.


It is a matter of hope; that changed what would be,

Giving a promise to the future of equality,

Changing society through culture and law,

Creating a time where we can be more.


Now it is only fair that we fight too,

To fulfil the legacy of women who fought for me and you,

To give strength to our sisters for generations to come,

We must never forget the battles hard won.

Zoe Vincent
Eden Christian Academy