Congratulations to our Winning Entries

1st – Elisa Prattley
Howick College

“This is a poem of what music means to me.”

2nd – Elaine Zhang
Kristin School

” This video depicts, through snapshot scenes of my life, how music is the thread that binds my experiences together ”

3rd – Layla Woodland
St Cuthbert’s College
Poetry – Drop the Diamond

” Drop the diamond is a poem enlightening the audience about how music is within all of us and shapes our personal world shown through the extended metaphor of “dropping the diamond” on a vinyl record beginning our musical journey through our lives ”

Highly Commended – Anabel Wu
Epsom Girls Grammar School

” It’s a common experience for east Asian kids to be encouraged to play instruments when they’re younger – I associate playing the piano strongly with my childhood. I used a music box to convey feelings of nostalgia and how music can trigger vivid memories and emotions.”

Highly Commended – Bridget Kirton
Epsom Girls grammar School

” Music has a direct influence on people, it provides the ability to control an environment, a blanket between someone and the world. Music fills out the spaces in your mind where thoughts can start to fester. The tone of a song can influence emotion and provide it a channel. This is what I wanted to represent in this painting “

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