Soul Shine

You ask “How does music shape your world?”  Well, let’s see.

Crazy as it sounds, my Opa’s life was saved by music. My great grandfather adored the Opera, he would ride with two of his friends on their motorbikes for an hour every single weekend to see it. However, as a Jew he was seized in an attempt to flee the wa犀利士
r but by some miracle, the Nazi interrogating him was one of those two brothers, on the bikes, to the Opera in Vienna. With 24 hours and a blind eye turned, my Opa’s life was saved. Because that shared love of music and friendship was stronger than the politics of war. I wouldn’t be here without those trips.

Music holds our hand and keeps us steady when we want to crumble yet makes us feel like we’re flying when we want to touch the sky. After six years of chronic illness, now proudly 100% healthy, I can say first hand that music gave me an unjudgmental sanctuary. My playlist reflected where I was at every point on my journey and now being 100% healthy I’m making a new one that me feel like sunshine at every note.

Music moulds our world. I love to imagine my Opa sitting in that Opera House, beaming as those symphonies soared. To watch my Pa, his son, dance around the living room with my grandma his wife of 53 years, shining. Opera house or living room it all glimmers the same. Souls of the pieces and people whispering; thank you, thank you, thank you, to those we can see and those we can only sense.

So, if you want to ask me “How does music shape your world?”
I say it doesn’t. It creates it.

Emma Grazier
St Cuthbert’s College


From the author:
How music moulds the world, and my world. Music has a soul that connects us all and is strong enough to hold us up through the hardest parts of life such as wars and illness and there to celebrate in your happiest moment.