In the realm of melodies, a magic unfurls,
Music, the language that shapes my world.
With harmonies and rhythms, it paints a scene
Stirring emotions, where dreams interven.

Through symphonies and ballads, it finds a way,
To touch my soul, in colours that don’t fade,
It speaks of joy, of love, and of despair,
The highs and lows, it’s always there.

When darkness lingers, and shadows grow,
Music lights the path, a celestial glow.
It lifts me up, when i stumble and fall,
Whispers of hope, it weavers through it all.

In its embrace, I find solace and peace,
A sanctuary where worries find release.
It resonates deeply, with stories untold,
Unlocking memories, as they unfold

With every beat, my heart finds its sway,
Music’s enchantment, guiding the way.
It unites cultures, transcending all bounds,
A universal language, where unity resounds.

From classical symphonies to pulsing beats,
Music creates connections that cannot be beat.
It shapes my world, a symphony divine,
In its melodies, my spirit finds its rhyme.

So let the music play, in moments grand or small,
For it shapes my world, encompassing all.
With its power and grace, it sets me free,
Music, the essence that defines me.

Shae-lee Bond
Bay of Islands College